The paintings of

James E. Reynolds

1926 - 2010

© 2008, James E. Reynolds

The Landscapes of James Reynolds

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"It’s obvious that I am partial to the American West. I find beauty in all of it. From the snow capped peaks to the low deserts and high prairies. All are fun to paint, but the mountains are my church. There I can find solace and peace among the lakes and streams and forests where Nature still lives free. A quiet place where one can meditate and reflect on it’s beauty and feel the spiritual warmth it has to offer. If there were any place that could be considered heaven on earth, for me, it is the mountains of our great American West."

- James E. Reynolds


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Traildust: Cowboys, Cattle and Country
The Art of James Reynolds

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James Reynolds - considered a "painter's painter" by his peers - is the artist whose vision matches that renaissance. In Traildust, he provides the visual backdrop for Western historian Don Hedgepeth's tales of the cowboy culture.

"Don Hedgepeth and James Reynolds have teamed up to produce a vivid and absorbing book about how the American cowboy came to to be the mythic figure that he is."

- Larry McMurtry, author of Lonesome Dove